Armed Personal Protection

RH Security’s bodyguards work for our clients, on request also armed, both nationally and internationally

Our advice in regards to arming and the tactical realization of the assignment is based on the available information and specific client requests on a case-by-case basis.

All employees are officially registered, qualified as reliable, and hold a permit to carry firearms. Naturally all approvals can be reviewed by our clients at any time in the course of order placement.

Comprehensive Professional Security Measures

Undercover or open escort measures with one or more security agents
Extensive intelligence and observation measures
Optional technical assistance with special vehicles
Locating measures
Your satisfaction and the optimal realization of the required security aspects are our top priorities
Consequently, our personnel not only set themselves apart with outstanding training and readiness for action, but also contribute excellent social skills and a high degree of flexibility to the assignment.

Assistance with ongoing Personal Protection Projects

Since we are officially licensed, we are also able to provide ad hoc support for ongoing protection projects with suitable personnel. We make personnel available to you directly and in a timely manner for intelligence and indirect or direct personal protection measures.

Engage us as external specialists.

Assistance with ongoing Personal Protection Projects

Since we are officially licensed, we are also able to provide ad hoc support for ongoing protection projects with suitable personnel. We make personnel available to you directly and in a timely manner for intelligence and indirect or direct personal protection measures.

Engage us as external specialists.

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Close Protection
for families

Personal Protection
for Companies

Private Personal

VIP-Escort and
Event Security


In our FAQs about personal protection and armed personal protection you will find answers to the questions we are asked most frequently. Get a brief insight into the strategies and precautions we take to protect individuals or families.
Can anyone book armed personal protection with you?
In principle, any person or institution can request armed personal protection. Just send us a short e-mail or give us a call. How and whether we can provide you with armed personnel will be decided based on the situation you describe.
Do you work nationwide?
Yes, we work nationwide (Germany) and internationally. Thanks to our good national connections, we can usually access personnel in your area promptly. If this is not possible, we will travel quickly to the assignment location.
Will someone always be with me?
This depends on your security needs and the current security situation. The guiding principle for all RH Security team members is as much protection as necessary, as much privacy as possible. The higher the risk assessment, the narrower the security-relevant area around the protected person should be. This ensures that the security guards can act and react quickly.

In practice and based on many years of experience, we have found that indirect accompanying is the most common security measure for clients. In this case, the security guard accompanies the client at a greater distance. He is conspiratorially close by, adapts to the environment as much as possible and is always able to intervene promptly in an emergency.

Will the security guard live with me?
In principle, the security guard should stay close to the person being protected. Depending on the situation and the length of the assignment, it therefore makes sense to have accommodation close to the client’s place of residence. A hotel or guesthouse is an option here, but a separate apartment in the client’s home is also conceivable.
Is the weapon carried visibly?
No, our security guards always carry their service weapons under their clothing in an inner holster.
Which weapons are carried?

Our security guards only use Glock handguns.

We are several family members. How do you handle this?
There are different approaches if there are several family members. Ideally, each family member in need of protection should have his or her own security officer.

In practice, however, in the case of an abstract risk situation, one security employee is often used to carry out several security-related activities for different family members during the day.

Example: The security guard drives a parent to the office in the morning (provided that both the family home and the office building are classified as secure). He then returns and drives the children to school (where he also picks them up again in the afternoon). Meanwhile, he accompanies the other parent in various business or private situations. In between, he carries out reconnaissance measures at the house or at other security-relevant objects and observes whether and what has changed at the house and in the surrounding area. In the evening, he collects the parent from the office and checks the house for security at the end of the day.

The daily routine of a security guard working in a family can look like this or similar.
Basically, the more family members, the higher the staffing level and the greater the security output. Whether one or more employees are deployed is always individual and requires prior consultation between the client and RH Security.

I don't want to cause a stir and ideally, I don't want my neighbors or co-workers to notice. Is that possible?
Here you can count on the creativity and professionalism of our deployed security staff, who want to do their job as conspiratorially as possible.

For long-term assignments, the security employee can also be the “driver” or “assistant” who, depending on the personal environment, fits in well with the overall picture and raises no questions.

Can armed guards also be booked for a few hours?
Yes, you can also book armed security personnel by the hour. The minimum number of hours per day for short-term assignments is 6 working hours.

In principle, however, we work with daily flat rates that cover 12 working hours per day.
Travel and accommodation costs for the employee(s) may also be added.

What qualifications do your bodyguards have?

All security guards of RH Security have completed several years of training in the police, military or private sector. The basic legal requirements of passing the §34a GewO and §7 WaffG examinations are also mandatory.

Further qualifications in the field of personal protection are achieved by:
a) practical experience in the field of personal protection assignments
b) further training courses in the areas of Medic, shooting and social/communicative competence.

How are the costs scaled?
The cost structure for the deployment of qualified armed or unarmed security personnel depends on the respective assignment and the following components:

– the length of the assignment,
– deployment times and standby times,
– the location,
– the arming,
– the accommodation,
– the use of vehicles,
– the number of employees.

Additional costs may arise due to the requirement to provide a vehicle, travel and overnight accommodation or standby times between working days.