RH Security supports young kickboxing talent Liv Bender

Our heartfelt commitment: sports sponsorship for the young kickboxer Liv

Today we would like to introduce you to a very special partnership: our collaboration with the 11-year-old kickboxer Liv. Liv is not only a promising young athlete – she is already a two-time world champion in kickboxing in various federations and has also won several national titles. Her story is inspiring and shows how important and beautiful it is for young people to pursue a big goal in life.


Liv’s impressive journey to world champion

Two years ago, Liv began her journey in kickboxing. What started as a hobby quickly developed into a passion that she pursues with incredible ambition. Her discipline and talent led her to considerable success: Today, after only 2 years, she is already a proud two-time world champion (WMAC – World Martial Arts Committee) and German champion in each of the four major federations (WMAC/WKU/WFMC/ISKA). These titles are not only a testament to her exceptional skills, but also to her tireless commitment and dedication.

Liv is currently fighting in the Light Contact -45kg Kids and Kick Light +45kg Kids categories. Another highlight is already on her calendar for next October: the WKU (World Karate and Kickboxing Union) World Championships in Rhodes. Liv is currently ranked first in both categories in the WKU national rankings and is a member of the national squad.


The everyday life of a young top athlete

Liv goes to kickboxing training four times a week at her boxing club Tomburg Boxing in Rheinbach (NRW) and also trains with her parents at the gym – an impressive workload for a girl her age. Her day is precisely planned: School, homework and then intensive training. Despite these challenges, she never loses her motivation and enjoyment of sport. Her coaches, her parents and her environment support her in reaching her full potential.

Kickboxing for girls

Kickboxing can help develop self-confidence and self-defense. In this respect, it is an ideal sport for women and girls to go through life with more confidence and self-determination.

Kickboxing is a dynamic martial art that combines the punching techniques of boxing with the kicking techniques of traditional Far Eastern martial arts such as karate and taekwondo. However, holds, throws and levers are not permitted. The training improves strength, speed, endurance and agility and increases body awareness.

Why RH Security stands behind Liv

Our support for Liv is a matter close to our hearts. We know how important it is to support young talents and give them a boost. Liv embodies qualities that are also of central importance in our work: Discipline, perseverance and a strong sense of responsibility. Through our sponsorship, we want to help Liv realize her dreams and at the same time send a signal that commitment and hard work are rewarded.


A sports sponsorship based on shared values

The world of kickboxing requires courage, confidence and determination – values that are also deeply rooted in our personal protection team. Liv is a shining example of how these values can lead to exceptional performance. She inspires us and shows us every day what is possible if you believe in yourself and never give up.


Liv has big plans for the future

Liv has big goals in mind. In the coming years, she wants to win more international titles and make a name for herself in the world of kickboxing. RH Security will accompany her on this path and support her so that she can realize her dreams. We are definitely keeping our fingers crossed for her at the upcoming World Championships in Rhodes!

A joint path forward

For us, the partnership between RH Security and Liv is more than just a sports sponsorship. It is a promise to the next generation and to the values that are close to our hearts. We are convinced that Liv will continue to achieve great things with their determination and our support.

Ivo Schendel

Ivo Schendel

I am a close protection specialist with more than 10 years of experience in a special unit of the NRW state police. Since 2016 I am the owner and managing director of RH Security.

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