Cybercrime and industrial espionage are currently the dominant security topics in the media and at business events. But what about the security of people in companies?

In recent years and decades, security measures at large companies have been continuously reduced and previously created personal protection and intelligence concepts for executive and supervisory boards have been terminated. These cutbacks were usually justified by performance audits and by the fact that individual executives were no longer at risk.


But has the threat really decreased?

Cases such as the acid attack on a manager of a listed company in North Rhine-Westphalia or parcel bombs at corporate sites of food manufacturers prove the opposite. In most cases, these cases appear briefly and intensively in the public eye via reporting, but then quickly disappear again as rather unpopular topics in the drawers.

The challenge to protect key executives of large companies remains. Reasons for compromise can be financially motivated, but also political or personal.

Security for the individual means on the one hand objective security through appropriate protective measures, on the other hand also the subjective security to feel safe and comfortable in his professional and personal environment.


We ensure the safety of your employees

Ensuring the safety of people is the responsible task of our safety specialists. That is why we are pleased about the recently launched cooperation with a listed company from the Rhineland.

In close cooperation between the Board of Management and the Head of Corporate Security, the concept “Security for Board Members” was newly developed and implemented. For this purpose, cross-divisional topics such as personal protection, reconnaissance, event protection and vehicle readiness were examined and adapted to current environmental conditions.

RH Security provides highly qualified employees in the course of fulfilling the order.

Our team covers the daily personal protection comprehensively: conspirative reconnaissance measures, escort of internal and external appointments up to journeys with the protected persons.

In addition, our employees are available to board members around the clock via an on-call number to provide 24/7 support in the event of security-related issues or potential hazards.

As part of a continuous improvement process, the cross-divisional security concept is constantly analyzed in close consultation with the Corporate Security management and adapted to the information available on a daily basis.


Personal security is always designed individually

The risk situation is different for every person and every company. That is why we advise companies on an individual basis in order to then guarantee the greatest possible security for the people at risk with the most suitable measures and team members.

RH Security’s bodyguards also work internationally for our customers.

Read here which detailed services we offer for personal protection for companies.

Ivo Schendel

Ivo Schendel

I am a close protection specialist with more than 10 years of experience in a special unit of the NRW state police. Since 2016 I am the owner and managing director of RH Security.