In summer 2019 an intensive MEDIC – Workshop took place with all team members of RH Security over several days. It was accomplished by our personal service provider in the range of medical advanced training, TACSURV, in the context of an advanced training meeting with all team members of RH Security.

The topics and teaching contents covered the following areas:

  • Refresher First Aid – What’s new in 2019?
  • Child emergencies – dealing with youngest children/children and scenario discussion
  • Tactical emergency medicine – dealing with Tourniquet, Israeli bandage etc.
  • Trauma algorithms

All employees were enthusiastic and highly motivated. Intensive first aid knowledge is mandatory at RH Security. That’s why, in addition to updating this knowledge, the training was primarily about training our team for child emergencies, traumas and tactical emergency medicine. The intensive training led to a significant increase in the confidence of all participants, so that in the event of an emergency all team members can act confidently and competently.

Our big thanks go to the trainers of our partner TACSURV. We´re staying tuned and will add another scoop at the next workshop.

Ivo Schendel

Ivo Schendel

I am a close protection specialist with more than 10 years of experience in a special unit of the NRW state police. Since 2016 I am the owner and managing director of RH Security.