In March, we were carrying out a very special case of a money transport. Several kilos of hard cash were to be brought from the Rhineland to Berlin. As discreetly as possible and without attracting attention.

Typically, a classic transport of valuables could be carried out here with the familiar armoured special protection vehicles and uniformed personnel.

But there are other ways of doing it.

With a so-called covert value transport, we were able to support our customers flexibly and promptly.


RH Security offers this covert money and valuables transport as follows:

Security escort (armed if requested) for transport of money and valuables.

Your employees carry out the transport with their own vehicles and are accompanied by an armed RH Security escort team in a civilian vehicle. A high level of discretion is a matter of course for us in such assignments.

Details on how such a covert transport of valuables can take place can be found here.

You can also combine our concealed valuables transport with other services, e.g. armed overnight protection of your property.

Ask us, we will be happy to submit you an offer.

Ivo Schendel

Ivo Schendel

I am a close protection specialist with more than 10 years of experience in a special unit of the NRW state police. Since 2016 I am the owner and managing director of RH Security.