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Close Protection Cologne (Germany): competent and confidential

Are you visiting Cologne, the popular and vibrant metropolis in the Rhineland and Germany’s oldest city, for business or pleasure and are you worried about your personal safety or that of your family?

RH Security is the specialist for personal protection among the security companies in Cologne. With our security service, your visit to Cologne will be relaxed and carefree.

Our protective measures are based on the principle of “maximum privacy and the greatest possible security” and are individually tailored to your travel or life situation. You can rely on us, we have specialized in personal protection for many years:


Your personal security in Cologne is very individual

Are you traveling to Cologne as an individual, family or group to go sightseeing, visit the Cologne Cathedral, one of the numerous museums or want to immerse yourself in the vibrant life of our city? Perhaps you are in Cologne on business for a congress or trade fair or on a business trip.

We take responsibility for your safety.

Tell us briefly about your plans and your security requirements for your stay in Cologne. We will find an individual concept for you with various components, e.g.

      • Security driver with vehicle
      • Armed or unarmed day escorts
      • Security personnel at your location
      • and more.

Our clientele

Our clientele for personal protection in Cologne, other cities and the surrounding areas includes business families, VIPs, high-ranking business people and private individuals. Depending on your requirements, we can accompany you openly or remain discreetly in the background. Many of our protection assignments are medium or long-term, which means that a well-coordinated protection team is responsible for the daily security of the respective clients, sometimes on a 24-hour basis.


You can also book us for short-term assignments, for example as bodyguards for a trip, for participation in an event or for armed personal protection. These flexible assignments are also part of our services. Please understand that we cannot show any references in our sector here.

Is personal protection necessary in Cologne?

Especially in international cities like Cologne, many people often no longer feel safe these days. This feeling is not only influenced objectively by the crime rate, but also subjectively by the experiences of each individual.

Often it is simply an emerging feeling of insecurity in an unfamiliar environment. This can affect many aspects of our daily lives and cause this uneasy feeling in certain situations.

If you have any concerns or feel unsafe due to news or personal experiences, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Let us help you and your companions have a safe and relaxing stay in Cologne.

Ivo Schendel, GF der RH Security

Close protection with discretion and expertise

I am Ivo Schendel, owner and managing director of RH Security since 2016. In my 20-year career as a police officer, I spent more than 10 years with a special unit of the NRW state police. My clear vision is to provide security for our clients without attracting attention.

RH Security in Cologne currently has a staff of over 30 male and female bodyguards, organized in well-coordinated small teams. I make sure that they are highly qualified for personal protection and also trained in the art of unobtrusive presence. We avoid the typical bodyguard image and offer instead secure protection that preserves your privacy.

How do we provide permanent close protection?

Every person has a unique life situation, and their security requirements are correspondingly individual. Our personal protection is intended to integrate seamlessly and unobtrusively into your personal lifestyle. To this end, we analyze the initial situation and potential hazards in the best possible way. We then use the available circumstances and information to create your individual security concept. This is what you can expect from us:

      • We ensure your personal safety and that of your family
      • We accompany your children and other family members
      • We protect your property and assets

What really counts is your safety!

There are many situations in which our escort or personal protection can be there for you:

      • You are traveling with your own bodyguards and are looking for professionals who are very familiar with the local conditions.
      • You are in Cologne for just a few days, for business or pleasure, and want comprehensive protection on site.
      • Cologne is just one of several stops and you need bodyguards or close protection for the entire trip.
      • You live in/around Cologne and need permanent protection.

We adapt our protection models to your requirements.


RH Security: Locally based in Cologne – nationally and internationally in operation

Many of our bodyguards in Cologne come from the cathedral city itself or the surrounding area. As a result, we know the local conditions and also have access to a large network – not only in Cologne. At the same time, our international experience enables us to accompany and protect you anywhere in the world.
As experts for security in Cologne, we also offer armed personal protection.

Call us for a non-binding consultation


Every assignment begins with a non-binding consultation call, whether in person with you, your secretary or your family office.

It is important to us to develop a comprehensive understanding of your situation. The more intensive our exchange, the more precisely and individually we can design the practical implementation with a suitable protection team for you.

If you would like to find out more about RH Security, simply take a closer look at our website or contact us directly now. We look forward to your inquiry.

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